Sunday, April 29, 2007

I love autumn

weird face beh and it was really quick so no details, wish I could paint portraits like Steve James

aaaand boring bus ride

Sunday, April 22, 2007

random weirdness

edit: I want to see which looks closer to my computer's from my brother's pc

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Look it moves!

Look it moves!

hmm lack of updates it's due to.. hmm laziness and more youTube than usual.
I've never been a youTube obsessed person, but this last few days all I've been doing is watching Nick Gisburne, Brett Keane, this other guy whose name I can't remember (I'll edit this post when I do remember) as well as some videos on Richard Dawkins (there's a pattern here, can someone find it?)

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Just came from having watched 300 (A-W-E-S-O-M-E) twice (A-W-E-S-O-M-E X2).
The first time I watched it (at 5:55pm with my brother ad aunt) I felt like I was having an artistic orgasm, my eyes were EVERYWHERE, good thing I understand English 'cause the reading would have been a waste of time (not that it mattered though, 'cause the story wasn't that good) oh man I just can't get over those great visual effects, one error that I noticed but didn't bug me much though, was that no blood but their own would touch them, I mean these (beautiful) men were smearing the Persians' faces in their own blood, but they were still clean!.
Yes I knew the blood was animated (in a very cool way) but some red paint would have helped ya kno ;)
The only thing that would have made the first time better was that the little kid shouldn't had been there, not that he was making much noise, but who the EFF brings little kids (and I mean LITTLE) to this kind of movie. It's a-f*cking-epic movie that's rated for over 14-year-olds (at least here), everyone knows what that means (BLOOD AND SEX, BITCHES) be a good parent and don't bring your kid and also it's the staff's fault for letting them in (not sure if they can stop them from seeing it though, money is money I guess).
Apart from that, it-was-great.

Then it ended and we got out and who do I see buying some food? My parents, they had left my little brother at his party and decided to watch a movie (300) well after eating I didn't feel like heading home (btw Burger King won't sell simple hamburgers, my brother asked for one and they told him the smallest he could get was the double cheese burger with bacon wtf) so I told them I wanted to watch another movie (I had Meet the Robinsons in mind but the last screening was at 6:30...bastards) so I didn't feel very interested in the others and told them I would see it again since I had missed the beginning (we arrived late, and it was not my fault!) so we ( mum, dad, brother and I) went in again and sat down only to find out there were KIDS one row up, sooo we changed seats to the other side and then came a mother with four 9-year-olds boys and sat one row down (my feet had to leave their comfortable place on top of their seats...bastards) we didn't move this time though and they didn't talk that much, but what made it almost impossible were the two drunk guys one row up (don't get me wrong I've drank in the cinema, I have nothing against destroying your liver) who wouldn't stop talking!, one of them was telling the other what was going to happen in a very loud voice and we tried to shush them (worked for a while, then they started to whisper and then they were loud again).

Here's the good part
One of them had to pee, and you could tell he was drunk 'cause he almost fell on the stairs and had to use his hands to balance his body all the way to.... the emergency exit. HAH HAH some minutes later you could hear knocking and the door trying to be opened from the outside (my brother and I were giggling like idiots by then) and eventually it stopped,I guess he gave up (so un-Spartan).
BTW I enjoyed it more the first time, and felt less awkward with the sex scene (I guess having my mum at my side made it weird, mm I didn't like the 'wolf', the rhino could have matched better with the whole environment, other then that I enjoyed the violence and great bodies nicenicenice.
LOL mother won't stop from roaring and yelling 'SPARTA', it's funny coming from her

Saturday, April 07, 2007

My eyes are killing me!!

OK I finished my project but I still have to change some things in some less important projects I have to hand over as well.

Sunday, April 01, 2007